About Me

I’m a web designer and developer located near Charlottesville, VA. I build websites deliberately and by hand, making sure that every bit of code and content that I put on the web is appropriate, as simple as possible, and of the highest quality.

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I have a formal background in graphic design, and have been working in design in one capacity or another since 2012.

Good design is so much more than just looks though. Of course a strong visual aesthetic that serves to both complement the content as well as to delight users is the starting point for any site, but good design is about the whole experience, from load-times to accessibility. I care about creating exceptional sites that are built to last. This means creating lightweight pages that load quickly. It also means creating a page structure that is accessible, adheres to web standards and works great with assistive devices.

Internet Magic

It’s easy to forget what a magical thing the internet is, especially in this age of social media and slow, ad-filled websites eager to download a gig of high-res pictures and bloated JavaScript over your data connection.

I still believe that the internet is an amazing place though, and the fact that anybody can create a website and post content on it that anyone, anywhere in the world can read and access is incredible. Maybe you’re a business that wants to start offering your products for sale online, or you just want to create a simple site that lists your hours and some basic info. Maybe you need a portfolio to showcase your work, or you want a blog to share your thoughts. Maybe you already have a site, but it just needs a fresh coat of paint.

The internet is an amazing place, and it will be even more amazing once your new site is a part of it. Whatever type of site you want to make, I can help you through the process and together we will make something you’ll be proud of for years to come.

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