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Case Studies


Go2Grow works hard to connect families in their region to early childhood care and other vital resources, and they needed a modern, accessible, and maintainable website to help them in their mission.


Luminoah is innovating the future of tube-feeding and needed a beautiful, accessible, and easily maintained website to highlight their product and their product journey.

Ready Region Blue Ridge

Ready Region Blue Ridge needed a beautiful and accessible website to highlight the positive work they do as well as to display valuable information about the roughly 45,000 children that they oversee.

Secure Solar Futures

Secure Solar Futures had a website design already, but needed someone to implement it as a WordPress theme using WordPress’ block editor and new full-site-editing capabilities, rather than a clunky 3rd party page builder plugin.

Schrock Financial

Schrock Financial, a financial planner located in Harrisonburg, VA, needed a website that would embody the same friendly and relaxed atmosphere that they prided themselves on cultivating in their office.

Good Wealth Management

Good Wealth Management is a wealth management firm located in Harrisonburg, VA. They needed to migrate and sort through years of content from their aging and unmanageable site and have it all displayed and organized beautifully in a modern design.

Presidential Precinct

The Presidential Precinct needed a striking website that would highlight the important work they do as well as the achievements and stories of the fellows that come through their programs.

Jessica Russo Team

Jessica Russo, a realtor in Charlottesville, VA needed a beautiful website that allowed potential clients to browse through an entire MLS feed worth of homes as well as allowing them to save their favorites.

Craig Builders

Craig Builders is a home builder in Central Virginia that needed a website that matched the same level of quality they put into their homes.

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W.E. Brown

W.E. Brown is a plumbing, heating, a/c, and electrical company located in Charlottesville, VA. They needed a modern refresh of their site with an emphasis on scheduling visits.

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My name is Geoff and I make websites.

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I make big, complicated sites, and small, simple ones. They’re all designed and built from the ground up to suit my client’s needs precisely.

I mostly use WordPress, although I will use whatever CMS I feel is best suited to the task at hand. This site for instance is built using Grav. I care strongly about web accessibility and design my sites to work great on any device and to be optimized for search engines.

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